Hi, I'm Antonio 👋

A dreamer with a Ph.D. in ecology-remote sensing

J. Antonio Guzmán Q.

Hi, I'm Antonio 👋

A dreamer with a Ph.D. in ecology-remote sensing


I’m remote sensing - ecophysiology researcher who works as Postdoctoral Associate at the Cavender-Bares Lab in the Ecology, Evolution and Behavior Department of the University of Minnesota.

My current research is focused on mapping forest diversity and disease (oak wilt) in the North American temperate forests. I also collaborate with ASCEND Biology Integration Institute as postdoc; and institute that seeks to understand the causes and consequences of plant biodiversity across scales in an era of rapid global change.

I’m particularly interested in linking ecophysiolgy and remote sensing information 🛰️. However, I’m very passionate about data, technology, open software, and its applications for the public benefit. My overarching aim is to better understand the dynamics that prevail in the ecosystems that can have a meaningful impact on environmental management by using remote sensing.

I have had an interdisciplinary career, and because of that, sometimes it’s hard to describe myself as an ecologist or remote sensing scientist. I have been working in fields such as geographic information systems, remote sensing, ecology, physiology, and modeling throughout my career. All of that applied to 🌱🌳!

I am always open to working-collaborating with people on my research topics. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact me.

🇨🇷 Pura vida 🇨🇷!

J. Antonio Guzmán Q. Ph.D.

Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, University of Minnesota

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